Apple specializes in the development, production, and sale of computer equipment: laptops, personal computers, multimedia devices, smartphones, and related products. The company actively works with both large and small businesses. She also has contacts with government agencies around the world.

Basic Information

Apple is known for its innovative technology. It independently develops software for her devices. It offers a wide range of products and related solutions. The most popular technology of the company is iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets, as well as a series of portable and desktop Mac computers.

The company uses its iOS and tvOS operating systems. It releases an office software package, provides iCloud cloud service and ApplePay payment service. The corporation also has its electronic trading platforms for the purchase and sale of digital content. Apple owns a direct sales network and has established contacts with major retailers.

The company’s shares were issued back in 1980. It was then that Apple first entered the NASDAQ exchange. The company has implemented one of the most successful IPOs in history. She managed to attract a considerable number of investments. The price of its shares continues to grow steadily. Apple equity securities are considered a tidbit for most investors around the world.

Several friends founded the company. The first computers were assembled in a garage, which the founders of the future giant used as an office. After joining several dozen cars, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak registered their brand – Apple Computer, Inc. The name of the company was reduced only in 2007. At that time, the company was already world-famous, and its products were popular.

The company assembled the first “personal computer” in 1976. The next model, called Apple II, became the most massive for its time. At the beginning of the 80s, about 5 million computers were produced. It was more than selling all the computers in the world together.

Soon, the company faced the first crisis. Model Apple II was not the most breakthrough. The young company was shocked by mass layoffs, and one of the co-founders, Steve Wozniak, retired after an accident. With the release of the next Macintosh, the business of the corporation has gone up again. It was a model with a 32-bit processor. For its time, it was a real breakthrough.

However, in 1985, Steve Jobs, not finding a common language with the board of directors, was forced to leave the company, the founder of which was. It has led to big problems. Apple computers began to sell poorly, inferior in popularity to IBM products. By 1997, the company’s debts approached USD 2 billion. Many experts predicted Apple would soon go bankrupt and oblivion.

However, the return of Steve Jobs allowed preventing this. He reorganized the corporation and changed the company’s product concept. It is based on personal electronics. In 2001, the first iPod was released. In 2003, iTunes appeared. Also, the most exciting event is, of course, the release of the first iPhone. The world’s first smartphone allowed the company to regain previously lost positions and reach new heights. Mac and iPhone are currently Apple’s most popular products.

The shares of this company are blue chips. Apple equity securities are popular among most investors and traders in the world.

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