Chief economist of First Advisors forecasts growth of the economy and the US stock market in 2018-2019

Chief economist of First Trust Advisors, Brian Westbury, recognized as the most accurate forecaster for statistical data from the United States in April, predicts that in 2018, the US GDP will grow by 3%, the stock indexes – by an average of 15%, MarketWatch writes. According to him, all the main factors, such as monetary, taxation, trade, regulatory policies, and public expenditure policies, favor the growth of the US economy and shares. He believes that monetary policy can be called tough only when the base interest rate of the Federal Reserve System reaches a minimum of 3.5%. Westbury expects that by the end of the year the Dow Jones Industrial Average will be at the level of 28 thousand 500 points, Standard&Poor’s 500 – at around 3 thousand 100 points.

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