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This organization offers investment and banking services for various companies. Deutsche Bank is a transnational organization, with the main office located in Frankfurt. Most of the establishment’s clients are big companies and private investors. Deutsche Bank offers advisory services and its clients furnish their capital to the trust management of Deutsche Bank.

This company is on the list of the thirty biggest transnational banks. It has representative offices situated in almost every part of the world. This international conglomerate is considered to be one of the largest banks in the world in terms of the people employed at this company.

This bank has a wide sphere of economic interests. Deutsche Bank is the owner of commercial and mortgage banks, many leasing companies and some investment funds. Moreover, this establishment makes huge investments in the spheres of energy and high technology.

This bank is also a great advisor for all kinds of investors. A big number of clients place their assets in the bank’s trust management. Deutsche Bank provides more than 28 million people with its services.

This transnational company is on the list of the 5 biggest banks that set the price of gold on the global market, which is why this bank is considered as the largest participant in that market.

History of the Deutsche Bank

The transnational organization was founded in 1870, right after the end of the Franco-Prussian war. Moreover, this year states the beginning of the unified Germany, which was created from several different principalities and territories. During those times, the Deutsche bank capital totaled 5 million thalers. Thalers were large silver coins, the main currency of medieval Europe. If to think in euros, then the five million thalers would be equal to one billion euros.

Some historians think that the basis of the Deutsche Bank’s capital was the amount paid by the French as reparation after the Franco-Prussian war. During those years, the bank was in its best condition. A year after that, the company established its representative bodies in Latin America, Russia, London, Ottoman Empire, and Shanghai.

In the beginning, the main activities of the Deutsche Bank were investments in the building of railways and power plants. Which lead to the bank being the biggest shareholder of railway stations in the following countries – China, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire. Also, the bank investment was quite big in Edison’s electric company. Moreover, the bank preferred to invest in high-tech projects. Some of the companies that the bank invested are AEG, Siemens and Kruup.

Deutsche Bank state nowadays

We can say the modern chronicles of this company began from the reunification of the country. In 1991, this bank paid compensation to the people that suffered during the Second World War from the actions of the fascist regime. After those compensations, the company’s reputation became bleached.

Nowadays, the clients of the bank are both small and large investors. Besides, in terms of mortgage construction, this bank was one of the top lenders. The company even managed to survive the crisis of 2007.

The bank is constantly looking for ways to improve in all its sphere, including in the retail lending area.

Deutsche Bank stocks during the return to the gold standard

After the economic crisis ended, the leaders of many powerful countries talked about the possibility of making gold as the main currency. Deutsche Bank was a supporter of this theory, as it is the most active buyer of this precious metal in the whole world. Moreover, Germans are said to be the largest owners of gold within all other Europeans.

According to Forbes analysts, the Deutsche Bank is listed as the 11th biggest multinational company worldwide. Bank’s investments in 2015 totaled around one trillion euros, and in 2017, the investment doubled in amount. In 2018 the shares reached 18.5 billion euros.

If to take into account the organization’s economic reports, around 19% of the shareholders are private individuals. The biggest part of the shares is owned by private and state investors, which includes the foreign ones. Some of them are the following – Bank of America, Black Rock, and Citigroup Inc.

But, in 2019, the reduction in Germany industrial production caused a risk of recession, which is the reason why one share of the company was worth 7.13 euros on July 31, 2019. Potential shareholders fear the trade wars between China and the USA.

The reductions in the cost of the Deutsche Bank shares may be a great reason to but the stocks. The company’s shares can be bought in multiple exchange markets. Moreover, the trading platform offers this opportunity to potential shareholders. In order to buy the shares, all you need to do is sign up and start the trading process on

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