In 2011, the eBay online auction topped the ranking of companies operating in the IT industry. The Corporation is the largest in the world. It is considered one of the most rapidly developing projects. The stock is blue chips. For many investors, the acquisition of eBay equity securities is regarded as a profitable investment. The company has a rich history and huge growth potential.

Main characteristic

Pierre Omidyar founded eBay. The future creator of the project was born in France, but then his family moved to the United States. Since childhood, Pierre was interested in computer technology. In 1988, he successfully graduated from Tufts University in Computer Science. Further, Pierre Omidyar worked at the world-famous Apple concern, where he was engaged in the development of software for the Macintosh OS.

In 1995, Pierre Omidyar created an online auction page, which was initially called AuctionWeb. From this moment you can talk about the start of the eBay project. Initially, the auction was utterly free, so it was able to attract many users from around the world.

In 1997, the site was renamed eBay.com. Soon, the service began to actively develop due to the involvement of entrepreneurs and large companies. The essential advantage of the site was the absence of commission fees. Other similar sites took a commission of 30% from users.

The increase in popularity led to the decision to introduce a symbolic commission of USD 0.06 per unit of goods. The funds received went to the development of the service. In 1998, the number of transactions on the site exceeded 10 million. The founder of the resource decided to attract a professional manager to the site. Margaret Whitman, who previously worked for Hasbro, a children’s toy company, was hired.

With her arrival, the rapid growth of eBay begins. The company decided to buy out all the local auctions in the world and made a deal with the Internet provider AOL. This has led to an increase in user confidence in the service. The project implemented the function of checking bidders through the bases of financial organizations, which significantly increased the safety of working with the site.

Soon, the functionality of the service added the ability to pay for goods by bank cards. Then the company bought one of the most popular electronic payment systems PayPal. eBay is currently the most significant US IT corporation. The company’s capitalization has long exceeded USD 40 billion.

At eBay auctions, users can purchase a wide variety of products. For example, the world’s only McLaren F1 sold on this service. The sale presents a wide range of products. Among them, unique things are often found. For example, some users sell through eBay the contents of the trash can, water from the cup of the famous Elvis Presley, etc. The platform unites millions of users. Among the bottom, there are both ordinary people and business representatives.

Trading recommendations

To trade eBay stocks is quite safe. Equity securities have shown incredible growth since the start of the company. The concern is steadily increasing its capitalization from year to year. Buying eBay stocks can be a very profitable investment.

To successfully trade equity securities of this company, you need to use both technical and fundamental analysis. Study eBay financial statements, read analytics and keep up with other relevant IT news for the world. In trading, use adequate money management. You should not risk in one transaction the amount that exceeds 5% of your deposit. Use pending orders in the trade. With their help, you can protect yourself from possible losses and automate your trading system.

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