The Goldman Sachs Group

One of the leading investment banks in the world is The Goldman Sachs Group. The shares of this company are included in the category of “blue chips.” They are used to calculate many stock indices. You can make good money trading these securities. Both beginners and experienced traders use them.

Basic Information

The Goldman Sachs Group has a high market capitalization of more than USD 70 billion. A distinctive feature of this company is that its shares are divided between a vast number of investors. Two Companies are the largest shareholders -The Vanguard Group and BlackRock Capital Management. The percentage of each of them is approximately equal to 6%. The remaining investors own an even smaller amount of shares.

Goldman Sachs equity securities are characterized by low volatility. Fluctuations in their quotes average 2-3% per day. Sometimes volatility can reach up to 8%. The average trading volume for these shares is approximately USD 3 million per day.

These securities have been listed on almost all major stock exchanges in the world. Therefore, you can trade stocks at nearly any time. The company pays dividends on its securities two times a year. At the same time, the size of the payments is growing every year. This significantly increases the liquidity of the asset.

The amount of payments is approximately 1%. This indicator is considered normal for US blue chips stocks. Goldman Sachs is the most significant investment bank in the world. It has a long history. The bank was founded in 1896. The name of the company has never changed, which is an exciting fact since most well-known companies went through the rebranding phase.

The bank took part in the initial public offering of large world companies. These include Ford, Yahoo, and Microsoft. The Corporation holds the shares of Burger King, Tesla, and many other large companies.

The bank includes three divisions. Each specializes in a particular type of activity. Company divisions work in the following areas:

  1. Asset management.
  2. Trading on the exchange.
  3. Investing activities.

In each of these areas of activity, the bank has achieved significant success. The investment division of the company is engaged in financial consulting and underwriting. The Corporation is well established in terms of facilitating acquisitions and mergers. The bank has helped many companies avoid being acquired by competitors.

The main office of the Corporation is located in New York. The bank has many subsidiaries located around the world. The company has divisions in Japan, the EU, Latin America, etc.

Many factors influence Goldman Sachs Group’s stock price. Securities of the Company are associated with many other assets owned by the bank. The critical impact on stock quotes has a financial result. Closely monitor the publication of the Bank reports. In this document, you can find out the current state of the company. The release of the financial statement is the time of the highest volatility.

To make money on trading the shares of The Goldman Sachs Group, you need to carry out not only fundamental but also technical analysis. So you can determine the optimal point for opening a transaction. Also, you must follow the correct money management. It is not recommended to use significant resources in one transaction. The maximum risk should not exceed 5-10% of your deposit.

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