The Harley-Davidson brand is one of the most famous and successful global brands. The legendary company Harley-Davidson has been producing reliable motorcycles for more than a hundred years.

Harley-Davidson Securities can make a profit for the investor. The economic performance of the brand is part of many United States stock indices. Harley-Davidson production affects the value of the US national currency.

The legendary Harley-Davidson is known as a manufacturer of beautiful and reliable motorbikes with a powerful motor. The characteristic sound of the Harley motor cannot be confused with the engine of other manufacturers.

The production of motorcycles of the famous brand is intended for the mass consumer and the military-industrial complex of the United States of America.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are attractive not only in high technical quality. They symbolize inner freedom, speed, constant movement, a unique lifestyle.

How the Harley-Davidson brand was born

William Harley and the Davidson brothers, the founders of the famous motorcycle company, pioneered a special lifestyle called “biker”, “harlemania”.

At the time of the appearance, the products of the brothers Davidson and William Harley were not in demand. The first motorcycles resembled ordinary bicycles with pedals for climbing steep hills.

After the famous battle of 1916, when Mexican rebel riders Harley Davidson, led by Pancho Villa defeated the regular army, the “Harleys” were appreciated and began to enjoy frenzied demand. Bike manufacturers have become the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the United States.

In the 1930s, a real “Harlemania” began in the States. The ideological inspirer of bikers is called Peppe Hoel, who decided to organize a gathering of all bikers in the town of Sturožis. Every year in a small town, crowds of bikers gather on powerfully rattling “Harleys”.

Harlemania, Rock and Roll and Freedom from Harley-Davidson

Fans of the “Harleys” were enthusiastic about rock and roll, embodying the spirit of rebellion and freedom. Heroes conquering America’s roads on the legendary Harley-Davidson are called the Angels of Hell.

Angels despise bourgeois life but have the opportunity to purchase an expensive bike, listen to Elvis Presley and lead the way of life of Ken Kesey characters.

The profit from the biker movement is enormous. These are not only legendary motorbikes with a characteristic, powerfully rattling sound of the engine, but also all the attributes associated with bikers: biker leather jackets, emblems, badges, music, fiction, cinema, lifestyle.

For example, each branch of the Harley-Davidson Club has its icon-symbol, with which a special ceremony is associated. A woman can not continuously wear the Club badge, and they can pass the button to her during the trip. A lost logo is fined USD 15.0. Any attempt to seize the symbol must be stopped, up to a fight.

How to become a shareholder of Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson forms his marketing policy and brings together a large community of people who worship the spirit of freedom from Harley.

The company produces not only “Harley,” but also Harley-style clothes, and even condoms of the same name.

Shares of Harley-Davidson at the end of July 2019 were trading for USD 35.8. The company’s net profit in the second quarter of 2019 amounted to USD 195.6 million.

Forex analysts recommend buying shares of the famous manufacturer of bikes with a long-term perspective. Now is an excellent time to buy Harley securities on the background of the fall in the value of the company’s shares.

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