International Business Machine Stock Price and Chart

The year of the foundation of IBM Corporation is considered to be 1911. The company’s original name was Computing Tabulating Recording (CTR). After 13 years, the company rebranded. In 1924, the company became known as the International Business Machine (IBM). The main product of the corporation was electrical equipment. Then she began to produce tabulation machines that were used for data processing. Currently, IBM shares are classified as highly liquid assets. They are very popular among traders and investors.

Basic Information

IBM Corporation is one of the main giants of the high-tech market. The company carries out software development, production of microprocessors, and other electronics.

Currently, the corporation produces workstations, servers, storage systems, and many other computer equipment. The company also develops operating systems, office software packages, and database management software. IBM is widely known for its many innovative developments.

The Company stocks have been traded on the NYSE since 1915. They are included in the calculation of popular stock indices. This makes them even more accessible and in-demand among investors and traders. The corporation has created several units focused on work in certain countries or regions.

Some subsidiaries carry out a specialized type of activity. These include the following companies:

  • Tivoli Systems. The Company is developing software to add a new business process to the existing IT infrastructure.
  • IBM Internet Security Systems. Focused on the development of security systems.
  • Rational Software. It is engaged in the development of systems designed to test new software.
  • SoflrLayer. Specializes in the creation and maintenance of cloud services.
  • IBM Research. It is developing new technologies, in particular, data storage and processing systems.
  • IBM Global Services. The Company provides advisory services to clients around the world.

Information on subsidiaries of a corporation may be useful to traders in order to find out how much revenue a particular division of a giant brings. This information will allow for a more accurate and voluminous analysis regarding future IBM stock quotes.

The asset in question is classified as a blue chip. IBM is a world-famous computer giant. It was this company that created the standard of modern computers. He got the name IBM PC. The shares of this computer giant are a tidbit for many traders and investors. This is a reliable financial instrument with high profitability and reliability.

By trading IBM stocks, you can get high profits. We recommend that you track information regarding the release of company reporting. After its publication, you must carefully study it. The data contained in the financial report will allow us to assess the prospects for the company in the near future. The financial report also provides an opportunity to predict the future behavior of IBM shares.

To successfully trade these equity securities, you must strictly adhere to the rules of money management. It is not recommended to risk in one transaction with an amount that is more than 5-10% of your deposit. Also be sure to use pending orders. “Stop-loss” will allow you to avoid excessive losses, and “take profit” – to fix profit in a timely manner.

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