The American IT company Intel Corporation is the most significant transnational corporation. Specialization of Intel – manufacture of computer equipment.

Intel Corporation is engaged in the development and manufacture of electronic devices for computers, computer components, produces microprocessors and microcircuits. Intel headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, in the city of Santa Clara.

Intel Corporation is a multinational corporation. The company’s production is located in the United States of America, Israel, Ireland, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Africa, Canada, Latin America.

Intel’s IT name is derived from the two abbreviated words, “integrated electronics.”

Successful marketing of silicon Intel Corp.

The founder of Intel Corporation is Robert Neuss, co-founder of the famous silicon company Fairchild Semiconductor. Initially, the Silicon Fairchild Semiconductor team had seven engineers. Since 1957, Neuss and seven team members developed integrated circuits, launched the production of semiconductor manufacturing. It was a real scientific and technological revolution.

Soon a new company was formed, independent of Fairchild Semiconductor and the US Navy. Intel’s first technical developments concerned semiconductor memory. The Neuss group has developed high-speed memory chips.

Aggressive marketing Intel Corporation has become the corporate identity of Robert Neuss. Marketing created by Intel has entered marketing tutorials.

Science and Technology Revolution of Intel Corp.

In the early 1970s, Intel received an order from the Japanese Busicom for the production of 12 chips for calculators. Intel experts have combined 12 chips into one chipset.

Since 1971, the serial production of Intel 4004 microprocessors begins. Soon, a more powerful 8008 microprocessor appeared for the first PC, which sold for USD 680.

Acquiring personal computers created by Intel was much more profitable than buying bulky and expensive computers issued by ENIAK.

In 1987, Intel began to work with Microsoft. This alliance was mutually beneficial and brought Intel billions of dollars in profit.

Intel expands its production and begins to produce 32-bit processors. In the early 1990s, Intel Corporation produced specialized telecommunications equipment and PC motherboards. Intel’s net profit exceeded one billion US dollars.

Intel Corp. launches the fifth-generation Pentium, in high demand. Beginning in 1993, the fifth-generation Pentium brought in profits of over twenty billion dollars. Intel ranks first in its industry.

Financial Success of Intel Corp.

In 1999, the economic performance of Intel Corp. became part of the Dow Jones Index. Share Intel Corp. in world production in the sphere of high technologies; it occupied 40%.

At the beginning of the new millennium, all computer manufacturing companies began using Intel microprocessors.

Since 2008, Intel is a global giant and occupies 75% in its industry. A California-based company is manufacturing semiconductor components for industry and networking equipment.

The largest wholesale buyers of the California Corporation are from Dell, Lenovo, HP. Intel IT products are ordered in the USA, China, Taiwan, Singapore.

Intel Corp. expanded its activities. Intel’s area of interest is equipment manufacturing for BigData. The company is engaged in data collection, storage, and processing of information for various governmental and non-governmental organizations. This type of activity brings Intel over a 5% profit.

Intel Stock Acquisition

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In early August 2019, Intel Corp. shares traded for USD 51.87. Forex analysts recommend purchasing shares of Intel Corp. with a long term perspective and for resale.

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