JPMorgan Chase & Co

The history of the world-famous financial giant JPMorgan Chase & Co began in the late 18th century. Currently, holding assets are estimated at USD 2.4 trillion. Its key areas of activity are investment activities, asset management, servicing corporate and private legal entities around the world. The total number of staff at JPMorgan Chase & Co exceeds 260 thousand. Holding shares are included in the category of “blue chips.” They represent one of the most coveted assets for many traders and investors.

Basic Information

JPMorgan Chase & Co controls a considerable part of the global derivatives market. The most famous of them are futures and options. The holding has derivative obligations totaling USD 70 trillion. In essence, this is the equivalent of the entire global economy. The holding is also credited with owning 50-80% of the global copper market. The corporation is also a principal shareholder in the energy giant British Petroleum.

In 2009, the holding acquired a 50% stake in British stockbroker Cazenove. This is a large Company, a personal investor in the royal court. The purchase price was estimated at USD 1 billion. Moreover, earlier, the holding already owned half of the brokerage company as part of the joint venture.

JPMorgan Chase & Co’s involvement is being discovered in a wide variety of global brands. The holding owns part of Nokia. The corporation is the holder of shares in the Russian media Company STS Media. The latter manages immediately three Russian TV channels. Among them are STS, Pepper, and Home.

The Dutch company OEP East Balt BV applied to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of the Russian Federation intends to agree on the acquisition of East Bolt Rus LLC. This is a Moscow bakery that supplies McDonald’s restaurant chain with hamburger buns. The company provides its products to three hundred restaurants. JPMorgan Chase & Co own OEP East Balt BV.

These are just a few examples of the holding’s influence on enterprises around the world. In almost every major project, you can find the presence of a corporation.

JPMorgan Chase publishes analysis materials. The holding provides detailed reporting on more than 3 thousand companies around the world. He offers an in-depth analysis of the global stock market. Bank specialists offer case studies in a variety of areas.

The corporation is known for many scandals. It has been a defendant in many legal proceedings. JPMorgan Chase & Co was charged with a variety of crimes. At one time, the corporation did not shy away from the slave trade, ties with the Nazis, fraudulent schemes, and more.

However, it is the largest financial conglomerate that controls a significant part of the global economy. Therefore, the purchase of shares of this holding will be a profitable investment. To trade corporate securities, you must adhere to standard trading rules. Do not risk significant funds. The maximum risk should not exceed 5-10% of your deposit.

Be sure to use pending orders. They will allow you to automate your trading strategy. Using a stop-loss order will allow you to prevent severe losses. Take-profit is necessary for timely profit-taking.

Before starting work on this financial instrument, conduct a technical analysis of its quotes. Buying stocks is most profitable at the time of corrective price movement. A fundamental market analysis is also needed. In the case of JPMorgan Chase & Co, you need to pay attention not only to the shares of this holding but also to companies affiliated with it one way or another.

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