Market review, August 14, 2019

2019-14-08 13:07:37

Tech giant Samsung has added Bitcoin support to its Blockchain Keystore SDK – hardware cryptocurrency wallet built into the company’s flagship smartphones.

Developers who create applications based on the Blockchain Keystore platform can already test their compatibility with Bitcoin. The update also added support for the Klaytn blockchain developed by the South Korean company Kakao and the Ethereum blockchain.

According to a message on the company’s website, developers can already interact with the Bitcoin blockchain using the platform.

Currently, the Blockchain Keystore SDK is under development, and a full release of the platform should take place closer to the end of the year. However, interested developers can already request access to the beta version of the SDK.

The built-in cryptocurrency wallet is available on the Galaxy S10e, S10, S10 +, S10 5G, Note10, and Note10 + smartphones and will also be available on the new flagship models that are announced in the fall.

The Samsung Blockchain SDK toolkit was launched in beta in early July. It provides “all the necessary” functions for creating decentralized applications, and also offers a cryptocurrency payment gateway, moreover, with a user interface.

Technical analysis of Bitcoin (BTC):

Over the past day, bitcoin fell in price and reached the support level of $11,360. Now, the price of bitcoin is $10,460. We expect the continuation of the downtrend. But first, bitcoin is likely to make a technical rebound upwards. The nearest resistance levels are $10,650, $11,100. The nearest support levels are $10,360, $10,000, $9,700.

Technical analysis of Ethereum (ETH):

Over the past day, ethereum dropped to the mark of $203. Now, the price of ethereum is $206. According to the technical analysis, ethereum should fall even lower – to the support level of $201. The nearest resistance levels are $206, $214. The nearest support levels are $201, $192.

Technical analysis of Ripple (XRP):

Over the past day, ripple fell to the support level of $0.2880. Now, the price of ripple is $0.29. More than likely, ripple will stay in the outset between $0.2860-0.2940. The nearest resistance levels are $0.2910, $0.2940, $0.2990. The nearest support levels are $0.2880, $0.2780.

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