MasterCard payment system is one of the most popular, along with Visa and American Express. The company operates in almost all countries of the world. The system has existed since 1966. At present, it serves more than 853 million bank cards. MasterCard controls approximately 22% of the global payment market. The Company’s shares are classified as blue chips. This is a valuable asset that is popular among traders and investors around the world.

Basic Information

MasterCard remains one of the leading payment markets in the United States and around the world. It is a large-scale brand that has enormous potential for acquisitions and revenue growth. In addition to the apparent advantages of the company related to its popularity, MasterCard also benefits from business feedback. The more people start using the cards of this payment system, the more companies accept them. Thus, a long cycle of revenue growth is formed.

Cashless payments are surely crowding out cash around the world. In these conditions, MasterCard is actively expanding its activities, growing its share in this market. The company provides online payment services, convenient use of cards, and the protection of its customers. All this makes consumers give their preference to a cashless payment system.

A study in America shows that cash payment is losing its popularity. In 2013, the share of cash payments in the US was 16% of GDP. In 2018, it fell to 13%. At the same time, the US economy is still characterized by intensive use of the “cache,” however, the use of debit and credit cards is growing every year. All this plays into the hands of MasterCard. The company has a rich history and huge growth potential.

The growth of online purchases has accelerated the transition of many consumers to cashless payments. Buyers are well motivated to purchase products on online services. All this additionally increases the demand for the use of bank cards.

The company shows excellent financial and operational status. MasterCard assets are systematically increasing. The company easily and quickly introduces new technologies and carries out profitable acquisitions.

MasterCard has a debt of USD 6.3 billion. For a Company of this magnitude, it does not pose a severe problem. The deficit is fully covered by operating cash flow. It is worth noting that MasterCard does not act as a lender, unlike American Express.

The company does not earn credit interest or commissions on loans. It makes a profit exclusively from commissions from money transfers. They come from banking institutions that issue MasterCard cards to their customers. This means that the company has no risks associated with the issuance of loans.

MasterCard shares are characterized by weak volatility. Most of the risks associated with the state of the global financial system do not affect the company’s income. This means that MasterCard is better protected than its competitors from crises inherent in financial markets.

The shares of this company are a tidbit for most investors around the world. It is a reliable asset with excellent growth potential. Traders also have the opportunity to earn on MasterCard shares. Their main distinguishing feature is the predictability of quotes. The shares of this company are growing steadily, and are reliably protected from most global risks.

Trading them is profitable and convenient. To make money on MasterCard shares, you need to use the techniques of both technical and fundamental analysis. Also, do not forget about the rules of money management. It is not recommended to use any amount above 5-10% of the deposit in one transaction. Be sure to use pending orders. Stop-loss will protect you from severe losses, and take-profit will allow you to take profits on time.

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