Uber in the first quarter recorded a net loss of $1 billion

American company Uber, the creator of the mobile application of the same name for ordering a taxi and delivering food, recorded a net loss of $1.012 billion in the first quarter, while a year earlier it reported a net profit of $3.748 billion. During the earnings period, the company suffered an operating loss of $1.034 billion, having increased it 2.2 times in a year. Revenues amounted to 3.099 billion dollars, its annual increase was at the level of 20%. The company noted a slowdown in the growth of orders to 34% from 37% a quarter earlier, their volume at the end of the quarter amounted to $14.649 billion. Uber increased spending by 35% to 4,133 billion dollars. During the earnings period, the company increased the number of monthly active users by 23 million to 93 million people. Uber Eats showed adjusted revenues of $239 million, up from $183 million a year earlier.

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