The Company Visa is a developer of the payment system of the same name, which operates worldwide. The Corporation shares are blue chips. They are included in the calculation of popular stock indices. Trading Visa stocks make a good profit. This is a precious asset, which is successful among both beginners and professional stock speculators.

Basic Information

Visa shares have high liquidity relative to the assets of other companies. This financial instrument is characterized by moderate volatility. On average, quotes for this asset change by 2-3% per day. In rare cases, volatility reaches 4-6%. The average daily trading volume reaches USD 8 million.

The capitalization of Visa exceeds USD 300 billion. Its shares are traded on the New York stock exchange. The company regularly pays dividends to the holders of its securities. On average, their size varies in the range of 0.6-0.8%. Note that in monetary terms, their volume is continuously growing. Buying these securities to receive dividends is not the most profitable business. Trading them can bring a much higher profit.

Visa is the largest company with a worldwide reputation. She acts as an intermediary between banks issuing cards of the same name and credit organizations. The primary income of the company is formed by the fees that are charged for network maintenance.

The history of the Corporation began in 1958. It was then that Bank of America issued the first bank card, which was called “BankAmericard.” Over time, the popularity of the new payment system grew. A separate company was created to service it, named – BankAmericard Service Corporation. She issued and serviced cards and sold their license to other financial institutions, subject to the uniform rules for working with them.

By acquiring a license, banks joined the association of card issuers. The familiar name Visa appeared in 1976. It was then that rebranding was carried out. Changing the name of the card contributed to the expansion of the company in the world. The Vietnam War hit the United States badly. The name of the country in the name of the card could negatively affect the popularity of the payment system.

To unite the company association in 2007, a separate legal entity was opened – Visa Inc. The main office of the company is in the USA. A subsidiary is operating on the European continent, which is called Visa Europe.

The payment system works in almost all countries of the world. Visa cards are available in over 200 countries. Thus, many factors influence the stock price of the company. The spread of online payments is essential. They had a powerful impact on the development of the company. The expansion of the target audience of the payment system contributed to the rapid growth of Visa profits.

Key competitors are MasterCard and China UnionPay. The Chinese payment system is actively expanding. Competitors’ actions influence Visa’s market share. If it decreases, it will negatively affect the value of the company’s shares.

To trade Visa shares, you must be able to conduct both technical and fundamental analysis. Each of them plays an important role. Examine Company financial statements, read analyst reviews, and stay tuned. With the help of technical analysis, you can determine the optimal points for the purchase and subsequent sale of shares.

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