Yandex N.V.

Yandex is a famous Russian IT company, a developer of the search engine of the same name. The head office of the corporation is registered in the Netherlands. Yandex shares are listed in the blue-chip category on the Moscow Stock Exchange. They are also included in the calculation of several Russian indices. Shares of this Company can be used to make high profits.

Basic Information

Yandex Company operates in many countries around the world. It occupies a significant market share of search engines in the Russian Federation and some other countries. Yandex began to work in the fall of 1997. The company was officially registered in 2000. The primary legal entity heading the group is Yandex N. V. It has been registered in the Netherlands. Yandex LLC, registered in the Russian Federation, is considered a subsidiary.

Initial public offering took place eight years ago on the NASDAQ exchange. After the IPO, the stock price rose by 55%. The company was able to attract USD 1.3 billion. In one day, the corporation sold 16.2% of the total volume of issued securities.

It is believed that the corporation managed to attract a massive amount of IPO results. More funds among Internet companies attracted only Google. Equity securities of the corporation come in two classes:

  1. A. Gives one vote per share. Most stocks are of this type.
  2. B. Give ten votes per share.

The company’s papers are traded on all major European stock exchanges. The bulk of the stock is sold in foreign markets, not in Russia. The corporation has established several subsidiaries. Each of them specializes in a separate type of activity. These include the following services:

  1. GIS Technology.
  2. Yandex.Radio.
  3. Yandex Data Factory.
  4. “Kinopoisk.”
  5. Yandex.Taxi.
  6. Yandex.Music
  7. Yandex.Verticals.
  8. Yandex. Poster.
  9. Yandex.Market.

The company also owns the developer of computer games and applications for mobile devices – SPB Software. Its most popular product is SPB Shell. This shell allows you to combine various software. It includes many services used on tablets and smartphones.

After the initial public offering, the number of critical holders of securities has changed significantly. Initially, the leading investors were such funds as Tiger Global and Baring Vostok. Currently, the main shareholder is one of the founders of the Company – Arkady Volozh. He owns Class B securities. The total number of shares gives him 47.21% of the vote.

Vladimir Ivanov owns securities of categories A and B. They give him 5.85% of the vote. Another major shareholder is Elena Ivashentseva. She is the owner of shares that provide her 1.10% of the vote. There are also two funds: Baillie Gifford & Co and Capital Group among the largest shareholders of the company. Corporation management owns about 61% of the vote. This makes it possible to influence all management decisions.

The corporation has never paid dividends to shareholders. Therefore, it is possible to earn on it only through profit due to changes in the quotations of its securities. Payments are not made for the reason that the management of the corporation invests all the benefits in the development of the business.

To trade Yandex N.V. shares, you need to use both technical and fundamental analysis. Be sure to follow the release of the financial statements of the company. With the help of technical analysis, you can correctly determine the best moment for opening and closing a transaction.

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